Send Word to PowerPoint

Word has a nice feature that will send your Microsoft Word document to PowerPoint presentation. From Word we can do this by going to File and then Send. If the option do not appear in Word 2010 then you can add it in your Quick Access toolbar by right clicking on the toolbar and open Customize Quick Access. Then look for All Commands and Send to PowerPoint option.

Send Word to PowerPoint

Once you click on this option, the content you have in Word will be converted to PowerPoint and PowerPoint editor will open. This can be really helpful to speed the presentation design process and convert your Word documents to PowerPoint, however you should take in mind that in order to proper format the PowerPoint presentation you will need to use the following formatting in Word.

  • For presentation titles, use Heading 1.
  • Then use Heading 2, 3, 4, 5 for the bullet list.

If you don’t use this heading formatting the the content won’t be converted. You can leave text in normal format and this won’t be converted to PowerPoint. To configure the Quick Access Toolbar you need to right click on the top quick access toolbar  and then select Customize Quick Access.

word to ppt

Now select All Commands in Choose commands from, and then move to the right list Send to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Finally click on the new command added on the Quick Access toolbar and your .doc document will be converted to .ppt

doc to ppt

This can be a good method to convert .doc to .ppt on the fly and get a presentation ready to be customized for your needs.


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