School Kids Silhouettes PowerPoint Template

Keeping children busy during a class lecture is never easy. The use of PowerPoint has extensively increased at all educational levels and with this comes the challenge of using something fresh to keep the young ones excited. The School Kids Silhouettes PowerPoint Template has been designed for school children so that teachers can keep those little fellows interested in the class lecture.

  School Kids Silhouettes PowerPoint Template

Silhouettes of Children

This template can be used for a number of school related topics and as mentioned, for young students. The template is uniquely suited for K12 students. There are slides with a light blue backdrop and clipart of silhouettes of children.

School Girl Silhouette PowerPoint Template

With 14 sample slides the template provides everything from customizable diagrams to chart slides, school clipart, icons and more. You can start by introducing your topic using either a boy or a girl themed title slide. There are two slides of this type, one depicting the silhouette of a boy and the other of a girl. You can even use them as two title slides to depict equality and generate gender sensitivity among your students.

Chart Slide

School Themed Slides

The slides come with content uniquely related to school, such as a school bus, children, clipart and images of pencils, computers, and other content associated with education. The slides have been designed din such a way that all these images and clipart somehow relates to education. You can further elaborate the imagery using text by filling the text-boxes. You can also edit the layouts to change the outlook of default slides as per your requirements.

School Bus

There is also an icons set given at the end of the template which gives reusable icons that can be copied to other slides. This is followed by some slides with customization instructions to help you edit the animated slides.

School Icons

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