Reroute Connectors in PowerPoint

Last updated on April 10th, 2024

Reroute Connectors is a feature available in PowerPoint that helps to find the shortest path between two connected objects with lines. Having the line selected (once it is connected between objects or shapes) you can click on Reroute Connector to automatically reroute the lines finding the shortest path.

reroute connector powerpoint 2010

In this example we have used different connector types for the lines. As you can see, the left connector used the elbow connector type while the second connector in the image uses curved connector type. For the last connector we just leave the straight connector type.

Automatically reconnect lines between objects

You can use the Reroute Connectors option to reconnect the lines between two objects and find the shortest path.

reroute connectors

Manually reconnect lines in PowerPoint

Some connector types lets you reroute the connectors manually. For example, the elbow and straight connectors has a yellow diamond that lets you adjust the curve and the position for the connector angles.

adjust curvature powerpoint lines

And here is an example of yellow diamond for the elbow line connector type.

adjust curve connector

If you need more help to understand connectors and lines, this PPT presentation slideshow can be helpful.