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One of the best ways of creating a presentation is to use MS PowerPoint. However, PowerPoint files are often too heavy and not easily viewable in standard format via tablets and other portable devices. Moreover, students and teachers often require a platform which might be used for sharing content online in the form of a presentation or tutorial. ShowMe is an iOS application and a web service that provides users with an excellent opportunity to learn and share information with others. With ShowMe, you can not only create and share your own presentations online but also benefit from the content shared by the ShowMe community members.

You can get started by registering for a ShowMe account. The registration process can be completed either through filling the conventional registration form or by accessing the web service directly through a Facebook or Twitter account. The “Sign Up” and “Login” buttons are visible on the top right corner of the home page. You will have to “Follow” at least one interest to complete the registration process.

Once logged in, you can either head over to the “Learn any topic” section to gain knowledge regarding a subject or download ShowMe iOS app for your iPad device (via “Create a ShowMe” option) to begin creating your own “Show Me”. To its credit the team of ShowMe has designed a very simple white board that is similar to the one used in real life. You can write instructions or draw a diagram to illustrate the procedures involved in the completion of any given task that is desired to be explained. You can also choose colors of your choice in order to create your own white board presentation. The ShowMe app also allows you to record your audio through which you are in a much better position to explain your ideas.

The concept of the white board is easy to understand even for an average internet user. Moreover, A ShowMe video demonstration can be displayed to every one or can be limited to a few people by adjusting the private settings. The ShowMe white boards that are available for the public to view can be seen on the user’s profile, whereas those which are set as private can only be accessed via a video link. ShowMe can be used for the explanation of almost anything. For example, it can be used to describe the steps involved in the solution of a mathematics problem sum or it can also be used to create a “how to” guide.

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ShowMe remains to be a free of cost web service and app, as result of which educators and organizations that function within a limited budget can greatly benefit from it. While you can only create a “ShowMe” via an iOS device, anyone can signup and view publicly shared tutorials.

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