Online conference presentations

If it is not easy to capture the attention in a normal face to face conference, it might be harder to get the audience attention in an online conference presentation. Usually during an online conference the attendants can not be visible by the presenter so the gestures and some physical movements do not count. However, some other online conferences might have real time video cameras and monitors focusing the attendants so it can be easier to evaluate some expressions and gestures.

However, the online conferences have some particularities compared with physical conferences. We can identify some features from online conferences that you can find familiar.

  • The attendants all have their devices and are doing something else while attending the conference (unless the boss is around).
  • During the online conference meeting, the coffee is part of the scene.
  • Sometimes the Internet connection might be slow affecting the conference or some of the attendants might not have tested the Skype mic before starting it.

If you want to success with an online conference presentation or meeting, there are some rules and conditions that you should apply as a presenter or promotor.

Online Presentation Rules

First, make sure that all the candidates know the exact date/time where the conference will run. Some candidates might have different timezones so you can check online tools to verify what is the conference time zone based on your location. You can use a world clock or a conference call time zones table to check the timezone that best fits for the average number of attendants.

Remind your attendants sending a schedule notification. You can send calendar notifications using Outlook to email a calendar to someone by email. This is usually done by attaching a RFD micro format attachment (made automatically by Outlook or Exchange).

Make sure your attendants have tested their Internet connection and microphone before starting the meeting. They should do this before starting the meeting but you will find that at the time o’clock when your online conference presentation or meeting should start, a good number of these attendants will find some troubles with the mics or headphones. If your organization has the budget, make sure to create a virtual room for the online meetings and buy the right equipment for conference calls and online presentations. You will surely expend a few thousand of dollars but later you will find that convenient.

Finally, make sure the online meeting is not so long. Most of the candidates will be boring during the meeting so you will need to find ways to capture their attention. We have many different conference PowerPoint template for free that you can download in order to use as a presentacion background for example online web conferencing template.