Record Screencast And Create Slideshows With Narrations Using Ezvid

Previously we covered Proshow, which is a Windows application that allows creating HD slideshows and Camtasia Studio Add-In, which enables recording screencasts from MS PowerPoint. While both these applications provide good functionality, they aren’t the easiest to use. For this reason it can be extremely hard for novice and intermediate computer users to benefit from such applications. Ezvid is an easy to use free software for recording screencasts and slideshows with narrations.

It can be used to import both static images and videos, which can then be used for creating attractive slideshows. Furthermore, you can record a screencast in just a click, perform a voice over and add music to your projects. What makes Ezvid different from other slideshow and screencast tools is its user friendly interface which makes it easy to create screencasts and slideshows and to upload them to YouTube.

The main interface of Ezvid provides many self explanatory options that can be used to easily capture your desktop screen or to add media for creating slideshows. To create a new project, add a title, description, keywords and select a genre from the Category drop down menu. Ezvid comes with many soundtracks that can be added to your project from the Music drop down menu. To add pictures or video(s) to your project, click the “Add Pictures or Video” button (filmstrip icon). Alternatively, you can drag and drop media files to the timeline.


If you would like to capture your desktop screen, then use the Capture Screen option (TV icon). Selecting this option will start a 3 second countdown after which your screencast will initiate. You can pause and stop the recording anytime from a small box that will appear at the bottom of the desktop. You can run your own tests and evaluate the software by using any of our free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds.

Additionally, you can perform a voice over (Record Voice option), synthesize speech and add text to annotate your project. You can preview and edit your project by using the timeline of Ezvid. Frames can be extended (stretched), removed and played from the timeline.You can also adjust the speed of your frames by right-clicking on them. To save your project, click on New Project. You can load saved projects anytime for editing them. All projects are by default saved at: C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\ezvid\projects (may differ according to the partition used for installing the Windows operating system). In case you would like to upload your slideshow or screencast to YouTube, use the Upload to YouTube option.

Overall we found Ezvid to be an extremely easy to use tool for creating screencasts and slideshows with complete voice over and background music. However, it is worth mentioning here that during the rendering process the application can seem hanged which is a bit annoying. This is because the application has no progress bar which can give an end user the false perception that the system or application is stuck. To find out more about Ezvid, check out the below video.

Ezvid works on the following Windows operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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