Radvison conference system for professional meetings

If you are looking for professional video conferencing solutions then Radvison is a company that fits perfectly into this need.

Since 1992, Radvison has been an innovator providing products and technologies for video conferencing, unified communications over IP, 3G and emerging next-generation networks. The company has solutions for online conferences, meetings and high quality video conferencing for businesses and organizations. You can run conferences with video camera and integrate the solution between different devices, including high quality TV, tablet, PC & Mac, and other smartphone devices. This is perfect for businesses running virtual teams across the globe.

HD Conferencing is a solution that enables you to have High Definition conferences in your PC and Mac as well as tablet or mobile devices. Scopia Desktop is a free download application that makes easy to fully participate in meetings no matter where users are: at their desk, at a customer location, or in a hotel in another part of the world.

Features of HD Conferencing Scopia Desktop

  • Extend the reach of your existing network
  • Collaborate effectively with business partners
  • High Definition (HD) at the desktop
  • Recording and playback
  • Enjoy high quality video, audio and data on any computer
  • Common experience for all participants
  • Say goodbye to expensive deployment costs

Using the products you can held professional PowerPoint presentations including online meetings and online conference with your virtual team.