MVP PowerPoint websites

Microsoft MVP stands for Most Valuable Professional and is an award program that was created since early 1990 by Microsoft to recognize the professional activities. MVPs freely share their deep knowledge, real-world experience, and impartial, objective feedback to help people enhance the way they use technology.

There are more than 5000 recognized Microsoft MVPs so here we will show you a list of websites where you can get more information about MVP professionals. If you are not in the list, feel free to contact us and we will add you.

Chirag Dalal – OfficeOne

Chirag Dalal is author of many PowerPoint addin and contributor to the community and owner of OfficeOne. He has many products for Microsoft PowerPoint including: CircleTools, Volume Control, SundayStar and many other addin for PowerPoint. His site site provides products that extend Microsoft Office applications to add a range of additional functionality that makes Microsoft Office applications more useful.The website also include tips, tricks, tutorials and examples of the features available in Microsoft Office applications through VBA and Windows API.

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Bill Foley – Professional Training Technologies

Bill Foley is owner of, a website where PowerPoint resources are published. The site also has PowerPoint games available for download and Professional Training Technologies, Inc. also provides an array of services related to Microsoft PowerPoint. Some of their services include:

  • Take existing presentations you have and create a Computer-Based Training (CBT) module that you can reuse
  • Training for your company on how to create your own CBT using our program
  • How to use Visual basic for Applications (VBA) to make nice PowerPoint games similar to Jeopardy, Family Feud, etc.
  • PowerPoint Technical assistance with any and all PowerPoint related issues.

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Shawn Toh – PowerPoint Heaven

Shawn Toh is owner of pptheaven. PowerPoint Heaven is a PowerPoint entertainment portal for PowerPoint animations, games, artworks, showcases, animation templates and tutorials. The focus of this website is to leverage the use of Microsoft PowerPoint and go beyond its capability. In PowerPoint Heaven you can learn how to create PowerPoint games, artworks and animations.

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