Puzzle Template for PowerPoint

Creating Puzzles in PowerPoint is something that teachers and educators usually want to do, but it is not only limited for educators, since business people may use it to share certain messages to the audience. We will help you to learn how to create a puzzle in PowerPoint from a set of puzzle pieces that can be combined together to create large puzzles. This method will use a PNG image that you can download from here, too, and then you can use it like a shape in PowerPoint to replicate the puzzle and make bigger puzzles.

puzzle template

First, you need to insert the puzzle piece into your slide. The video in the bottom of this article will show you step by step how to enlarge the puzzle, but at a glance you need to insert a picture and then you can change the size. Alternatively you can replace the color and draw a rectangular shape to be used as the background of the puzzle. This puzzle piece template for PowerPoint has black lines but you can easily change the color.

Puzzle PNG image – Free Download

Now, once you download the PNG puzzle template you can use it in your slides. Just insert the picture into your slides or drag and drop from the file explorer. Then you can manipulate the puzzle size.

This screenshot will show you how the puzzle looks after you insert the piece into the PowerPoint slide.

puzzle ppt

Then you can start duplicating the shape graphic to make a large puzzle.

This other screenshot will show you how we have built a big puzzle from this template.

puzzle powerpoint

And now, let’s apply a background to the puzzle and fill it with an image.

puzzle design

Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to do all this work in PowerPoint 2010.