Top Free Websites Where to Download Microsoft Templates

Last updated on May 4th, 2024

If you need to create from a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to a Word document, templates can really help you to streamline the design process while let you save time and money if these templates are free. Here we have curated some of the best free websites and resources where you can download Microsoft templates for presentations, spreadsheets, documents but also for Visio and other Microsoft products. – The Official Microsoft’s website for MS Office Templates is definitely the official website of Microsoft where you can download any kind of template for presentations, documents, and Excel worksheets. Here you can find thousands of free templates and graphics to decorate your presentations and documents.

Microsoft PowerPoint Templates

For PowerPoint presentation templates there are plenty of free resources to check beside our site

SlideHunter – Free PowerPoint Templates for Business Presentations is a free presentation template provider offering a wide range of PPT templates mainly for business purposes. The catalog contains thousands of pre-designed diagrams, infographics, illustrations and charts that you can use in your business presentations. If you are a corporate use and don’t have budget to spend on high-quality templates like the ones provided by SlideModel, then SlideHunter could be a good alternative.

What makes different from other sites is that the templates or slide designs contains professionally designed elements that you can copy and paste into your own presentations.

Example of presentation template downloaded from SlideHunter - 100% editable
Example of PowerPoint Template from with 100% editable Elements

SlideModel Free PPT templates

SlideModel is well-known for their high-quality presentation templates, 100% editable and ready for business. However, what not all people know about SlideModel is that they have an entire section dedicated to Free PowerPoint templates & Google Slides.

At, you can also download free premium PowerPoint templates & Google Slides templates for free. Every Tuesday SlideModel publishes a new free slide template.

Download free PowerPoint templates from SlideModel
Example of free Microsoft PowerPoint templates provided by SlideModel

Go to SlideModel free PowerPoint Templates


Definitely is one of the most popular resources if you are looking for anything related to PowerPoint or presentations in general. Indezine not only have free templates and slide designs but also lot of useful articles that you can read to improve your presentations or learn about tools to help you during the presentation design process. All their PowerPoint tutorials are created keeping simplicity in mind so that anyone can understand the concepts explained.

Indezine is maintained by MVP Geetesh Bajaj. Even without ever having had the opportunity to meet Geetesh, we always appreciated his interest in sharing valuable knowledge through Indezine and providing free content.

Example of Indezine templates
Example of Microsoft PowerPoint templates by Indezine

PPT Template – Free PowerPoint Backgrounds & PPT Templates

PPT template is a very recent website where you can find PowerPoint templates, backgrounds and learn how to use PowerPoint. This website contains awesome PowerPoint backgrounds that you can download to make stunning presentations. You can browse the website by topics or colors.

Example of free PPT backgrounds for Microsoft PowerPoint provided by PPT

Visit PPT Templates

PresenterMedia Presentation Template

PresentationMedia is also a very good alternative if you need premium PowerPoint presentations with enhanced videos and animations. It is a subscription based service that let you download unlimited PowerPoint templates, videos, backgrounds and animations for PowerPoint presentations.

Their PPT templates can really help you to make impressive PowerPoint presentations for any audience. You can also download the PresenterMedia add-on for free to help browsing the collection of templates without leaving MS PowerPoint.

Example of 3D characters by PresenterMedia

Excel Templates

Microsoft Excel is not only used by analysts, accountants or financial people. Almost any of us need to use Excel to prepare awesome spreadsheets. The history of Excel is very rich and you can learn more here in Microsoft Excel, Multiplan was the original name becoming very popular on CP/M systems, but later on MS-DOS systems it lost popularity to Lotus 1-2-3. If you just want to download a free Excel template to help you make pivot tables, track your financials, balance sheet or just a fitness activity here are some resources to check.


Example of Project Management templates & Invoices by Vertex42

Vertex42 is one of the free resources where you can download Excel templates and also Word templates. Vertex42 templates are categorized under different sections. At Vertex42 you can find lot of useful templates for Excel and Word including Excel Gantt Chart Templates, Home Mortgage Calculator, Excel Money Management Templates and more. Learn more on

Microsoft Word Templates

Either if you are preparing a legal document or an invoice, Word templates can help you to save lot of time and focus on what really matter for your organization.

Visio Templates

MS Visio is also another powerful tool used by designers, engineers, user interaction experts as well as other people who need to make diagrams and plans from a very basic diagram to a building building plan for structural engineers or software engineers can make complex UML diagrams with Visio.  Visio can help you to visualize, explore, and communicate your information in a whole new way. You can download Visio templates, shapes and stencils to speed up your design process, for example if you want to make an organizational chart in Visio then you can download an org chart template for Microsoft Visio 2013.


VisGuy – This website is maintained by Chris Roth, aka “Visio Guy” and since 2006 it is one of the most popular resources for Visio templates, shapes, stencils and tutorials. Definitely it achieved one of their main goal, to be a valuable resource for those interested in Visio and visualization. Here you can find articles about creating custom SmartShapes, developing Visio-based solutions, free templates download and tips for power users.

At ViseGuy you can find useful shapes and templates for Visio, including Oblique 3D Connections for Visio as well as other interesting shapes and templates like Visio Flowchart templates, Visio People.

All these previous resources can really help you to make awesome presentations or prepare documents from ready-made templates. Definitely you can save lot of time, and money using free stuff.

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