PowerPoint Templates Help Team Win US Department Of Energy Award

PowerPoint templates can not only give a head start to a presenter but also enable him/her to present ideas in an elegant fashion. Even if one is to have good knowledge of designing slides with catchy graphics, such an effort can be too time consuming and quite laborious. This is why a combination of various PowerPoint Templates can allow you to create a comprehensive and visually appealing presentation with a mix of your creativity to achieve desired results.

Recently, something similar worked for a team of students from the University of California, Berkeley, who were able to win an award from the U.S. Department of Energy using PowerPoint templates from SlideModel.com. The members of the winning team included, Nanavati Low (Team Lead), Grace Vasiknanonte, Michael Chang and Daniel Tjandra.

Team Golden EnergTech

How PowerPoint Templates Helped Team Golden EnergTech Win The Award?

Team Golden EnergTech was looking for some creative slide designs for the Better Buildings Case Competition. This competition was organized by U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and is meant to allow the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators to help resolve energy efficiency problems with their creative ideas. After some research Team Lead Nanavati Low came across Slide Model, which seemed to offer some templates which were useful for the team’s project. The result was; Team Golden EnergTech ended up winning the award for the Most Innovative Proposal by the US Department of Energy.

Presentation By Golden EnergTech Using Slide Model Templates

PowerPoint Templates Used By Team Golden EnergTech

Below are some of the PowerPoint templates that helped the team to present their ideas.

The following templates helped the team in making slides for the introduction of their topic and team members and to display the relationship between various aspects of their presentation topic. The Company Profile PowerPoint Template for instance, helped the team during the introductory phase.

Scrum Template Used in University of California, Berkeley Project

Similarly, the following templates were used by the team to create charts and for elaborating upon different aspects of their proposal.

The team also benefited from other templates from various categories including the ones given below:

EnergTech Presentation Final Submit

Congratulation Team Golden EnergTech

FPPT would like to congratulate Team GoldenEnerg Tech on their fine achievement and wish them the very best for their future endeavors.

To bring your presentation ideas to life you too can use Slide Model’s PowerPoint Templates to reduce the time spent in making thought provoking and visually appealing slides with the help of professionally crafted designs. For more details check out Slide Model’s Unlimited Access Plan.

Acknowledgements From Golden EnergTech

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