Best Storyboard Templates for PowerPoint

PowerPoint is not just a presentation tool (so to speak), as one of its very interesting uses can also be as a storyboard. Back in the day kindergarten teachers or parents used to come up with random stories to keep children busy, however, this can now easily be done using PowerPoint Storyboard Templates.

PowerPoint Storyboard Templates

While you can always get an inspiration for starting your story using a service as handy as (for getting an inspirational line to start a story), taking your story to the next level can be achieved using PowerPoint Templates with clipart, creative layouts and pre-rendered video animations. Below is a list of some of the finest storyboard templates for PowerPoint.

Storyboard Templates

Create Your Expressions Animated PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint storyboarding doesn’t get any better than this. The Create Your Expressions PowerPoint Template is an excellent template for making your own storyboards using stick figures, speech bubbles and animations. The template is highly customizable and quite easy to use. You can not only make use of the available scenes but also create your own scenes from scratch with the help of the given clipart, pre-rendered animations and comic book like scene layouts.

Go to Presenter Media – Create Your Expressions PowerPoint Template

Animated Expression Slide

Sci Fi Playground Animated PowerPoint Template

One thing that people from all ages can get used to are stories about aliens and outer space. The Sci Fi Playground PowerPoint Template can be your playground for making stories about aliens, Area 51, spaceships, outer space and other types of intriguing stories.

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Aliens PowerPoint Template

Animated Owl PowerPoint Template

As a child you might have heard a story about a wise owl helping the protagonist with some intelligent advice. If not, then it might be time you made up one! Owls can be quite a likeable character for children, this is why they are also used in animated movies and cartoons. You too can make use of the ‘wise owl’ theme by using the Animated Owl PowerPoint Template for making your PowerPoint Storyboard.

Go to Presenter Media – Owl PowerPoint Template

Create Storyboards in PowerPoint

History Education PowerPoint Template

If you need a free template for teaching children about a history lesson in the form of a storyboard, then you might find this template quite appropriate for making an entire presentation with pictures of historical places or to simply use it as an opening slide.

Go to Download History Education PowerPoint Template

History Education PowerPoint Template

Free Simple Storyboard Template for PowerPoint

As the name implies, this is a free (static) PowerPoint template for making storyboards. It mainly provides a conducive layout to create a storyboard for presenting it like a PowerPoint presentation. With this template you can make good use of the available slide space and create a storyboard in a comic strip like style. For example, in this following template you can download a 6 frame per slide storyboard template design for Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Free Storyboard template

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