9+ PowerPoint Presentation Templates for Teachers

Last updated on October 19th, 2023

Many teachers have almost replaced their blackboards with PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint presentations made by teachers are easier to grasp by students than a blackboard, are flexible enough to be used with animations and other types of dynamic content and can be easily shared with students for revisions. If you are looking for free PowerPoint presentation templates for academic purposes, then below are a few templates which you may find useful.

1. School Board PowerPoint Template

While a projector might replace your blackboard to display presentation slides; however, you can still get the good old feeling of presenting your ideas with a chalk. The School Board PowerPoint Template is an ideal template for teachers for making academic presentation slides.

School Board PowerPoint Template

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2. School Planning PowerPoint Template

This template provides a classroom like feel, especially if you are teaching primary students. Add fun images to the sample slides and show those young ones how PowerPoint for teachers and students can be so much fun.

School Planning PowerPoint Template

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3. Teachers PowerPoint Template

If you would like to add some humor to your presentations, then you can use this template for your presentations or as a standalone slide by stepping in the shoes of Einstein. For more templates related to education, also see our Free Educational PowerPoint Templates.

Teachers Powerpoint Template

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4. Architect PowerPoint Template

If you require creating a presentation about architecture, engineering and buildings, then try this and other related templates from our collection of Free Engineering PowerPoint Templates.

Architect PowerPoint Template

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5. Capital PowerPoint Template

If you require a good template for an Economics, Business Management or Finance course, then the Capital PowerPoint Template can help you accommodate a fast array of business and finance related themes. This template is among the several free templates available in our collection and you can find many similar templates from our section of Business And Finance PowerPoint Templates.

Capital PowerPoint Template

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5. Timeline PowerPoint Template

Making timelines in PowerPoint can be quite hard; however, using readymade templates can make your task easy. The Timeline Toolkit is an excellent Animated PowerPoint Template that can help you create animated timelines in no time. Furthermore, you can also find various useful templates for making timelines from our collection of Free PowerPoint Timeline Templates.

Timeline Toolkit 2 For PowerPoint

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6. Animated Microbes Template for PowerPoint Presentations

Perfect for biology teachers, this template displays an animation of a microbe, with several sample slides that can be used for creating biology related presentations. You can find out more about this science template from our Review of Microbes PowerPoint Template or download it from the link given below. It can be used for science projects and biology.

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7. Educated Presenter PowerPoint Template

This is another brilliant resource for teachers. This animated template comes with various sample slides with animations, clipart and presentation ideas which can be used for making simple or elaborate academic presentations with visually appealing and attention grabbing slides.


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8. Animated Inputs Diagram Template For PowerPoint

This is a template with various customizable diagrams that you can utilize to create diagram presentations. The diagrams come with well-matched color tones and can be customized by adding your own content or by changing the look of the existing diagrams to reflect your own ideas.

Animated Inputs Diagram Template For PowerPoint

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9. Animated World Map PowerPoint Template

Whether you are a history teacher or are teaching a course on International Relations, Foreign Policy, Business or Finance; the chances are that the world map will always come in handy for your presentation slides. The Animated World Map PowerPoint Template provides a complete map of the world with customizable slides which can be used for any type of presentation requiring maps of different parts of the world.

Animated World Map PowerPoint Template

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