Animated World Map Toolkit for PowerPoint

Last updated on September 22nd, 2023

The World Map can sometimes be required for creating academic or business presentations. For example, one may need to display the geographical dynamics of a region when demonstrating the possibilities of moving into a new market. Similarly, a student of International Relations might wish to present his views on specific regions by displaying parts of the World Map. The World Map Toolkit by Presenter Media is an Animated PowerPoint Template which comes with the entire World Map, with some nice animations.


Complete World Map With Customizable Slides

This PowerPoint template is highly customizable and comes with completely editable elements. The World Map in this template is complete and you can add/remove items or areas to customize your slides. Furthermore, you can also use the various elements within slides to mark different types of areas. As shown in the image below, the maps can be edited by changing the size and color of the elements within slides, adding animation effects and more. You can even fiddle around with the brightness, saturation, transparency, temperature and other options (after selecting an element from a slide), to make your presentation extra special.

Edite Template

Animating Your World Map

You can use a set of different types of animations to edit and customize the readymade slides. Whether it is an area within a template or a pointer, you can simply select it and pick an Animation effect to animate the content within the map. Using the different elements and maps you can create slides by either editing existing content or by copying certain items from one slide to another. You can also create entire slides from scratch by copying different items from various slides.

Animate Slides

Create Animated Presentations with Maps

Using this template you can create a fully animated PowerPoint presentation with different animation effects. These animations will appear when the presentation is run in slideshow mode.

Animated Map Template

World Map Template Demo

You can find out more about the usage of this and other map templates by Presenter Media from the video given below.

To download the World Map Toolkit and other animated templates, sign up for a subscription at Presenter Media. This template works with most versions of PowerPoint for PC and Mac.

Go to Presenter Media –  World Map Toolkit

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