Free Powerpoint For Teachers

College Course Presentation Template For PowerPoint

College life has its own set of challenges, from academic to extracurricular activities. In order to come out on top, you need to be prepared. You have to also know very well what the requirements are for your course and strive hard to meet, if not exceed, them. For college professors, they need to be …

Classroom Open House PowerPoint Template

Bright and Beautiful Classroom Open House Template

Nothing is as exciting for parents and children alike than the opening of a new school year. This is especially true for those children who are going to a new school. To make this even more meaningful for parents who want nothing but the best for their children, teachers and school administrators conduct a classroom …

Classroom Open House Presentation Template For PowerPoint

School Open House Template for Teachers

For teachers and school administrators who need to meet parents to welcome them and their children back to school, you would need to create a beautiful presentation that would strike these discerning parents a good impression. With such a presentation, you would need to assure these parents that they have made the right decision by …

Free Academic Presentation Template For PowerPoint

Academic Themed PowerPoint Templates for Widescreen Formats

Teachers and students alike will be making presentations in class. We have previously reviewed numerous templates that can be used not just for businesses or organizations but also in the classroom setting as well. The PowerPoint Template that we will discuss in this article is an academic template that is ideal for use by teachers …

Classic Book Template For PowerPoint

Classic Book-Themed Template

Anyone involved in the publishing industry or in the literary world would also need to create arresting and attractive presentations. Whether to promote a book, create a brief, summarize a novel, present a plot or for any other reason, presentations need to look elegant, professional, and well-written.

Interactive Classroom Lessons with Microsoft Mouse Mischief

Microsoft Mouse Mischief

It’s been known and studied that children learn better when they are able to participate and have interactions with lessons in class. The more activities they are encouraged and attracted to join in, the better they are at absorbing what is being taught. Who wants to sit in a boring classroom anyway? Microsoft has come …

PowerPoint Presentation Templates for Teachers

Many teachers have almost replaced their blackboards with PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint presentations made by teachers are easier to grasp by students than a blackboard, are flexible enough to be used with animations and other types of dynamic content and can be easily shared with students for revisions. If you are looking for free PowerPoint presentation …