Create Polls for Your Website with Micropoll

Polls supply organizations with valuable insight into the behavior and preferences of a group of people. For companies, polls provide a better understanding of their consumers or target market. This can then allow them to modify or create a product or service to better suit their needs. With today’s technology, you don’t have to walk around with sheets of questionnaires to conduct polls. You can easily do this with your website. Here is how you can create polls for your website using Micropoll.

Create Polls for Your Website

When you create polls for your website, you gather data from people who more or less have an idea of what your company is all about. Therefore, you take out a segment of the population who are unaware of your brand and have a better focus on your demographic. However, creating polls for your website isn’t as easy as it seems, as marketing managers and web developers can tell you. There’s the matter of properly displaying your poll and attracting respondents enough so that they will answer your questions completely. There’s also the matter of collecting the data for analysis.


With Micropoll, all these tasks can easily be done. Micropoll focuses on web polls, making it a reliable tool for the purpose you’re set to do. Best of all–it’s free! Founded by two software consultants who believe that software should make people’s lives easier, they set out to create a free web polling service with the most advanced features while still maintaining flexibility and ease of use.

The web-based program is user-friendly while still jam-packed with several advanced features that can make creating polls for your website a breeze.

Create Poll with MicroPoll

Micropoll Helps You Easily Create Polls for Websites

Micropoll has several features that make it easy for anyone to create polls for their websites. For one, the polls are highly customizable. Every element in the poll can be customized aesthetically, so you can have the look and feel that you want. You can set the title text and background, poll border and poll background using the color set available in the program, or use HTML color to specify your colors. Meanwhile, the polls can be answered different ways, so you can add variety to your questions as well as get a variety of answer. This is very helpful because not all information can be gathered just by answering yes or no questions. It’s better to have a specific answer if you want to gain better insight into the minds, behavior and preferences of your respondents.

This is why with Micropoll, you can set answer types in different ways, using radio buttons, check boxes, and drop down menus. This way, you can narrow down your respondents’ answers with select choices as well as allow them a variety of choices.

Poll Result

Get Advanced Features with Micropoll

Aside from the functional and aesthetic features of Micropoll, there are also advanced features. When it comes to web publishing and distribution, you have an option to use HTML code, inline frame, or raw HTML code. These options allow you freedom and control over your own polls. You can also view voting trends for analysis, as Micropoll shows you the US map and the number of votes collected from each state. Aside from Location-based trends, you can also view time-based trends as bar graphs that generate daily, weekly, and monthly voting trends.

Poll Options

When it comes to insights, you can view your past polls and their results. You can also protect your reports by restricting who can view them. You can also add a comment box for respondents to post comments as well as view comments of other respondents. This feature can encourage discussion and engagement about your poll.

To avoid spammers that can mess up the voting process, Micropoll also allows you to enable logging of the IP addresses of your respondents as well as to block certain IP addresses. This will allow you to keep track of your voters and ensure the integrity of your poll.

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