PowerPoint Presentation and Communication Techniques

Regardless of field, presentation has become essential these days and for making effective presentations PowerPoint is being a most employed tool as it makes presentation easy to follow.

Communication skills

To make your presentation effective there are few things that required to be kept in mind like, use clear and concise language in PowerPoint slides, use decent animation and design should be simple and sober. You must remember that PowerPoint software is just an outlining tool for your presentation.

For its utmost use you must have appropriate techniques like effective communication, relevant and interesting informative content. Here you have been facilitated by allowing you the room for inserting visual and audio aids but it depends upon you how you use these features.

Thus, having communication and presentation techniques are utterly required if you want to give killing presentation. Here we are discussing few of the important and necessary skills one must possess if he/she wants to be a good presenter.

Presentation Techniques

  1. Today, communication skills have great importance. No matter to which sect you belong, in which language you interact or to which field you relate. The thing that matters is, do you have communication skills? Do you have capability to persuade anyone? More importantly, do people listen when you speak? If you think only great personalities can have this quality, your assumption is totally wrong. In fact, one who possesses this quality can become a great personality.
  2. Secondly, your body language, it also contributes a lot in making your presentation livelier, energetic and enthusiastic, if kept positive. Conversely can cast negative impact also.
  3. While giving presentation use effective body language and positive gestures. Use your hands while illustrating any point. Create variation in your voice pitch like your voice pitch to emphasize any point, and remember your voice should be audible in the entire room clearly.
  4. Eye Contact is another important factor that can make you presentation friendly and relax. So, make a healthy eye contact with your audience.

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Communication Techniques

  1. If you are giving presentation on workplace, diversity in workforce is a very common thing thus you have to consider this very thing while preparing presentation and prepare in a certain way that everyone could easily get your point.
  2. You may speak in either way i.e. formally and informally.
  3. Your presentation must have a chunk of personal interaction. Means, your presentation should look like interaction instead of speech. Thus, it is advisable to use few informal words like ‘Friends’ or else like this.
  4. Use verbal and non-verbal types of languages in your presentation, to make it effective and interesting.

If you were looking for useful and helpful presentation and communication techniques then this reading may help you in giving successful presentation.

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