Presentation Checklist for Effective Presentations in PowerPoint

All About Presentations recently published a nice review about Presentation Checklist. This flight Checklist can be very effective at the time of designing a new presentation. Vivek, the author, summarized the three years of blogging in a presentation checklist that you can download or see online in Google Docs or slideshare.

He argues there are four stages in any presentation:

  1. Understanding the Context
  2. Planning the Content
  3. Designing the slide
  4. Delivering the presentation

You can follow Vivek recommendations and go through his checklist to be used as a tool make effective presentations.

You can learn more and read the full article in AllAboutPresentations

If you need to download checklist PowerPoint templates and backgrounds you can subscribe to PresenterMedia and download unlimited PowerPoint graphics for example this animated checklist clipart.

Animated Check List for PowerPoint Presentations

The clipart contains an animation of a stick figure with a pencil checking the last box on a yellow clipboard and you can use it to prepare flight checklist in PowerPoint as well as designs requiring a pencil drawing style or clipboard drawing with a stick figure. You can also use this in school or business presentations to ask questions and answers or writing checklist in paper to take a survey or a plain document with a blank clip board.

Learn more on PresenterMedia – Checklist