Free 3D Geometric Shapes Template for PowerPoint Presentations

If you need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for your Math class and need 3D geometric shapes for your slides, then here you can download a free 3D Shapes PowerPoint template with different geometric shape ready to be used in your PowerPoint presentations.

3D Shapes

PowerPoint comes with preset of 2D shapes that you can use and insert easily, however if you need 3D shapes then you will need to edit the shape properties. To make your life easier we have created this free 3D template for PowerPoint with different useful 3D Geometric shapes that you can copy and paste into your slides.

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Each 3D geometric shape comes with a nice gradient fill but you can easily change the color used for the shapes or customize the shapes by opening the Format Shape dialog box.

3d geometry

This free 3D template comes with a single slide containing different shapes like the following:

  • 3D Cube 
  • Cuboid
  • Square based pyramid
  • Cone
  • Triangular prism
  • Trianglar based pyramid
  • Cylinder
  • Sphere

3d powerpoint shapes

If you want to create the graphics from scratch then you can do it in PowerPoint using shapes and applying 3D properties to the shapes. To make a box for example, you can start inserting a quadrilateral or square. Then, right click over the shape and click Format Shape. In PowerPoint 2013 you can  choose the 3D properties and add a depth. Make sure to add a depth amount that is equal to the width. If you want to add a great effect you can try to use the perspective effect in PowerPoint, this can help to create impressing graphics for PowerPoint using built-in functions.

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