Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Presentation secrets of Steve Jobs reveal techniques that can turn you into an extraordinary storyteller. No matter you are CEO, Entrepreneur, Manager or Marketing professional, Steve Jobs have several things to tech you.

Unlike other presentations, Steve Jobs presentation is an extraordinary. It not only provides information but also educates and entertains audience. Here are some of his techniques which you can adopt in your next presentation.

Plan in Analogue

Before telling story plot a graph and make it interesting and engaging by using visual aids, whiteboards, sketching graphs and raise brainstorming queries from audience. Neurologists have discovered that brain gets bored soon so don’t give time to your audience that they could distract their mind from presentation. However, Steve Jobs have never used PowerPoint, but his techniques can be used in every type presentation.

Create Twitter-Friendly Description

You must create description for your product in single sentence. Before going into details listeners must get a sound idea from your subject. For example, Steve Jobs described his MacBook Air as world’s thinnest notebook, this little sentence speaks volume. If you are not able to describe your product in less than 120 characters then you need to go back to your drawing table.

Focus on benefits

Your listeners always want to know, why do they purchase your product? They only care about how your product is beneficial for them. So, you should mention the benefits of your product clearly.

Provide a Roadmap

Almost every presentation of Steve Jobs is divided into three or four parts and he usually discuss them simultaneously. You know you listeners are able to retain two or three points generally so provide them that instead of giving them too many points and making them forget everything. for example, in one of his presentation Steve Jobs told audience that he will be talking about three products i.e. iPhone, iPods and iTunes.

Sell dreams, not products

Passionate speaker like Steve Jobs drives zeal to create new experiences. He never sold computers he just sell the promise of Hi-tech world. So, you should also correlate the benefits of your product with the needs of people and convince them that, why should they buy.

Use Zippy Words

Steve Jobs use plain English while giving presentation. He doesn’t confuse his listeners. So, you too when ever address people or give presentation use simple but meaningful words.

Practice a lot

Steve himself rehearses a lot for every presentation and prepares every slide in poetic manner and every presentation is designed as theatrical experience. So, until you don’t practice for your presentation, you will not be able to bring flow in your it. Therefore you must rehearse, rehearse and re-rehearse for your presentation.

So, these were few of his techniques which can help you in giving successful presentation.

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