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Animated Connectivity PowerPoint Template

animated connectivity powerpoint template

Connectivity is a topic which is used across various professions. Whether you’re a communications specialist, a network administrator, a marketing or business professional, connectivity is key to many aspects of your line of work. What better way to discuss connectivity than in the form of a presentation deck which gives you animated slides with customizable …

Animated Tablet PowerPoint Template

tablet infographics

Tablet Information is the name of a PowerPoint template depicting tablets in the form of sample slides with different types of handy layouts. This Animated Tablet PowerPoint Template is suitable for all types of presentation topics, since this is a general-purpose presentation template. One of the highlights of this template is that it provides a …

Free Hand Gestures PowerPoint Template

Body language is not to be taken lightly. This is particularly true if you’re in a professional environment where everything you do gets noticed and perceived in a very specific manner. The Free Hand Gestures PowerPoint Template is all about body language, or more specifically hand gestures and how they can impact your audience.

Animated Megaphone PowerPoint Template

Sometimes there are presentations which are meant to allow people to express an opinion or to make an important announcement. This kind of presentation requires the audience to pay special attention to the message being delivered. Unfortunately, many presenters make the mistake of using default PowerPoint themes which end up boring the audience to death. …

Widescreen Communication PowerPoint Template With Animations

Communication is a key component in our daily lives; ranging from getting things done at the workplace to making sure you communicate yourself clearly enough to get your order right when ordering food. Miscommunication at the workplace can result in various problems, many a times which usually start from small bits of misunderstandings.

Animated World Communication PowerPoint Template

The Animated World Communication PowerPoint Template is an animation laden presentation template by Presenter Media which provides slides with communication themed content. The template starts off with a slide that shows different forms of communication in the form of a video background.

Animated Telecom PowerPoint Templates With Worldmap Illustrations

If you need a presentation template with a telecom and communication themed design, then you might find the below templates useful. These Animated Telecom PowerPoint Templates come with animations, clipart and professionally crafted PowerPoint slide designs which are customizable enough to be edited down to basic slide elements.

Best Six Hat Thinking PowerPoint Templates

The six thinking hats technique offers a creative thinking tool for managers  to solve problems and think differently while taking decisions, in meetings or even while making or executing plans. The model was introduced by Edward de Bono and it offers a powerful tool for brainstorming ideas and help during innovation process. You can break down your thoughts into six parallel areas …

New Methods of Introduction and Resume Speeches

Are you planning or practicing for your next job interview? Then you must have prepared your introduction speech. Even if you belong to the category of those individuals who believe in being spontaneous still you must have been strategizing in your mind. There are certain new methods of introduction and resume speeches, which will help …