Polished Cover Letter Template For Word

When you’re applying for your first job, switching professions, or just want to go up the career ladder, you can use a little nudge up the right direction with a few helpful templates. You can use a resume template for indicating your experiences in a way that highlights your best points and immediately catches the attention of any recruitment manager. Still, to make your application look more professional, you would also need a cover letter. The Polished Cover Letter Template for Word is a professional and elegant template with a minimalist layout.

This template is part of the Polished series of resume and application templates that can help anyone who is looking for a job, seeking promotion, or wants to change careers.

Polished cover letter Word template

Stand Out Get Noticed

This cover letter template, from the term itself, is polished indeed because it looks elegant and professionally done, even if it’s just basically free to download and customizable for anyone.

Featuring modern lines and a captivating red theme, this template contains everything any recruitment manager needs to know all in one page. Therefore, using the template will save them time from flipping through pages and dozens of applications, which means more points for you.

Polished cover letter template for Word 2016

Create Impressive Cover Letters

This template clearly displays your name and online credentials at the top of the cover letter. Meanwhile, your contact information can easily be seen on the left-hand side of the template, for easy location. The recipient name, title, company, address is clearly indicated as well.

Change cover letter design

If you haven’t written a cover letter before, this template can also help you with that. The body of the cover letter template contains an easy to follow guide as well as some useful tips so that you can better highlight your strengths in the cover letter and entice the recipient to learn more about you, which in turn gives you a better chance of getting hired.

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