Best Police Clipart For PowerPoint

Good clipart can always make your presentations stand out. While the Microsoft clipart library shut down a while back, there are some good websites from where you can download clipart for PowerPoint. Among our series of posts with clipart suggestions for various topics, we decided to cover law enforcement, more specifically, Police clipart. Our list of best police clipart for PowerPoint includes high-quality clipart images, including isometric clipart, which provides more depth and can be quite attention grabbing.

Police clipart for PowerPoint

Animated Policeman Clipart

This is a GIF animation of a policeman talking on a walkie talkie. You can also use this clipart to depicts a security guard, since the clipart is somewhat generic enough to be easily moulded according to the text you may add next to it in a slide. This animation can also be downloaded as an MOV and SWF format.

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Animated policeman clipart

Animated Police Officers Clipart

This animation depicts two police officers talking on walkie talkies. This animation too can be downloaded as a video file in MOV or in Flash (SWF) format. this is quite an interesting animated clipart as you can use it to effectively highlight topics related to security, law enforcement and even use the clipart to represent other topics symbolically, e.g by emphasizing on the need for coordination between professionals or departments.

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Animated police officers clipart

Police Isometric Clipart

This is an isometric image depicting a police officer. This is an orthographic image, which means that it represents a 3D image in two dimensions. You can easily incorporate this clipart  to your slides and position it according to your requirements, to create a visually appealing slide with the aid of a perfect orthographic clipart image.

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Police isometric clipart

Van Pulled Over Clipart

This clipart shows a van pulled over by a police car. This is usually  common sight when a speeding ticket is to be given for overspeeding. Hence, this clipart can be a good way of describing daily issues related to law and order and the violation of laws. Since the clipart is 3D, you can also add a title to make the image look like a car chase. This is because the clipart can be depicted as both a van pulling over and a car chase due to its 3D layout.

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Van pulled over clipart

Cop Giving a Ticket Clipart

While the above clipart is ambiguous, this one clearly shows a police officer giving a speeding ticket to a stick figure sitting in a van. This image depicts a very common violation of law and can be a good resource for elaborating about laws and the need to strictly follow them.

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Cop giving a ticket clipart

Police Car Isometric Clipart

This isometric clipart depicts a 3D car with a perfectly crafted image which gives depth and a mix of attractive graphics to provide a visually appealing image that can help you add some color to your slides.

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Police car isometric clipart

The police clipart for PowerPoint mentioned above are a handful of many law enforcement and police related images. You can download a plethora of useful clipart from Presenter Media, including 3D and animated clipart.

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