White And Blue

Animated Winter Escape PowerPoint Template

Animated Winter Escape PowerPoint Template

Winter is such a magical season, when everything is covered with soft snow, and the soft yet warm blue glow. Guess what–you can channel the enchanting beauty of winter in your slides, thanks to PresenterMedia. The Animated Winter Escape PowerPoint Template can really make you want to take that winter escapade, with the template’s beautiful …

History or Heritage Month PowerPoint Template


History must always be remembered in order to serve as a guide for the future. History also has many lessons to teach the present time so that people can lead better lives and make wiser decisions. This is why remembering history is also important for everyone. The same goes for commemorating one’s heritage, as it …

Snowflakes Christmas PowerPoint Template


As the holiday season draws near, you would need a PowerPoint presentation template that conveys the spirit of the season. This template is something that can be used for different purposes in the Christmas and holiday season, so you would not have to create one from scratch, especially when you are busy with your own …

Point Of Reference PowerPoint Template


A point of reference gives you adequate, actual, and realistic perspective about certain things. When you ask, “How far is point A from point B” a point of reference allows you to visualize and have a basis for your statements. Furthermore, points of references are great for directions, showing where different other points meet.

Geometric Design Template For PowerPoint

Clean, Refreshing Cover Slide Layout and Design

If you work in the architecture, interior design, decorating, engineering and other similar industries, then you would sometimes need to create a presentation. However, a creative topic in such an industry would benefit with a complementing, equally creative PowerPoint design.

Free Digital World PowerPoint Template for PowerPoint 2007 or Later


We live in a digital world where there are many technological advancements being rolled out all over the world on a daily basis. Every individual has found ways to cope with these advancements in both their professional and personal lives. This Free Digital World PowerPoint Template for PowerPoint 2007 or Later is another way to …