Animated Schedule Timeline PowerPoint Template

Schedules are often used in timelines to show project progress, forecasts and expected time of completion for a venture. A readymade template that can help create schedules in the form of timelines can be handy for making timeline presentations on the fly. Animated Schedule Timeline PowerPoint Template reviewed in this post can be useful for making timeline schedules and roadmaps.

Animated Rounded Arrow Timelines

The template contains animated timelines which are rounded with arrow heads. This is a simple, yet eye-catching way of showing different phases of your timeline.

animated schedule timeline powerpoint template

With the animated timeline slides, you can create timelines with up to six months, weeks or days. You can also remove timeline sections to customize the slides. This is an animated slide deck and therefore, you might want to check the changes in slideshow mode to ensure that nothing appears broken after you make a radical change to the design, due to pre-defined animations in the slide deck.

animated schedule timeline design

The six-phase timeline slide can also be copied to create a duplicate slide to extend the timeline over a twelve-phase sequence. Such as to represent twelve months. Each section of the timeline loads in a set sequence, allowing you to explain one section of the timeline, before moving on to the other. To reveal the next phase of your timeline, simply use mouse-click or your clicker.

six phase timeline

There is also a design with images embedded within the timeline. You can replace the given images with your own timeline photos to create a picture timeline. There are six sample slides in this template, with a few additional slides dedicated for instructions regarding how to customize the animated content in the template. Overall, the slides are easy enough to edit and can even be customized by PowerPoint newbies.

four step timeline

To preview and download this animated schedule timeline template for PowerPoint, head over to the developer’s product page.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Schedule Timeline PowerPoint Template

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