What to include in a 5-slide Pitch Deck PowerPoint Presentation?

Last updated on April 19th, 2023

Preparing an elevator pitch and using PowerPoint is something that most entrepreneurs need to face someday. A concise, yet effective pitch deck is crucial for startups and entrepreneurs seeking investment or support. Here are the essential elements you need to include in a 5-slide pitch PowerPoint presentation to impress your audience.

Jeff recommends (based on his experience for many years) that limiting your initial pitch to investors to no no more than ten slides in the PPT presentation is good.

What slides to include in a Pitch presentation? 5 useful slides to include.

Here are the essential elements you need to include in a 5-slide pitch PowerPoint presentation to impress your audience.

Slide 1 – The Hook (Problem Statement slide)

Begin your presentation with a strong, attention-grabbing hook that outlines the problem your product or service is addressing. Use a relevant and engaging story, statistics, or facts to emphasize the pain points your target audience faces. The aim is to make your audience realize that this issue requires an immediate solution. You can use a simple problem definition slide template or a problem statement template for this slide.

Slide 2 – The Solution (Your Product or Service slide)

After establishing the problem, introduce your product or service as the solution. Clearly explain how it addresses the identified pain points, and highlight its unique selling proposition (USP). Use visuals, such as images or short videos, to demonstrate your product’s effectiveness and its relevance to the target audience.

Slide 3 – The Market (Target Audience and Market Size slide)

Define your target market and the size of the opportunity. Include relevant demographics, segments, and any research that supports your market assumptions. This will help your audience understand the potential reach of your product or service and its scalability. Demonstrating a large, growing market will be crucial to garner interest from investors, and also how to cater that market, here you can use a Go to market strategy template.

Slide 4 – The Traction slide (Progress and Achievements)

Showcase the progress and milestones your startup has achieved thus far. This can include user growth, revenue, strategic partnerships, or any industry recognition. The traction slide provide evidence of traction to build credibility and show that your solution is well-received by your target audience. A strong traction slide will help instill confidence in your business’s potential for success.

Slide 5 – The Ask slide (Investment or Support)

Finally, clearly state what you’re seeking from your audience, whether it’s funding, strategic partnerships, or mentorship. Specify the amount of investment required and how it will be utilized to grow your business. Be prepared to address questions regarding your valuation, exit strategy, and return on investment expectations.


A compelling 5-slide pitch PowerPoint presentation can make a lasting impression on potential investors or partners. By focusing on the problem, solution, market, traction, and ask, you’ll convey the most important aspects of your startup and maximize your chances of securing the support you need.