Picture With Quotation PowerPoint Template

While some presentations are meant to inform, there are also those that are meant to inspire. So if you are a motivational speaker or just someone who wants to inspire your audience, you would need an inspiring presentation.

The Picture with Quotation PowerPoint Template is an interesting and easy-to-use template for all kinds of presentations. This template is great for emphasizing your main idea in the form of quotation or evoking an inspiring message for your audience.

Editable quotation slide

Free and Versatile Template

This template for PowerPoint is free and comes with ready-made formatting and even a professionally taken picture of a beautiful landscape. The overall look is actually very versatile as it can easily blend in with whatever existing presentation you may have. There are no borders to edit or modify to suit your presentation, just edit the quotation with your own text and then copy and paste the slide to your existing deck.

Edit sample quotation placeholder

Use Different Images from Your Computer

The landscape image features a river or lake wherein the text is located in elegant white color scheme. This is subtly bordered by woods on one side and the horizon beyond, which is filled with more trees and mountain ranges. If this image is not your style, you can of course change the image for something that you already have with you, or you can search online for other landscape images that you prefer. The choices here are endless, and you can reuse the slide template as many times as you want, with different background images in each slide.


As for the quotations, you can just click on the sample text and delete it then type your own. You can use a long quotation of up to 6 lines or you can resize the text to make it smaller. You can also enlarge the text if you want to use a punchline or a short phrase.

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