PickMe Add-in Provides Free Stock Images for PowerPoint

A single picture can convey a message more than a word can ever do. In fact, some of the strongest and most compelling PowerPoint presentations make use of images to effectively drive the message home. After all, no one in the audience would like to look at slide after slide of text and numbers. It’s the images that evoke feelings and leave a memorable impression on the audience. However, finding the right picture to adequately convey the right message is easier said than done. You have to go over hundreds, if not thousands of images–from your computer or from a diverse repository online. There’s also a matter of copyright that you have to properly address. Fail to attribute an image and you can have a problem on your hands. No worries! PowerPoint can now provide you free stock image with its new add-in, PickMe. It is a free add-in that brings free stock images for PowerPoint that can be inserted to slides in a click.

Pick Me App

Create Powerful Presentations with Stunning Images

PickMe allows you to create the best, most powerful slides with the help of beautiful stock images that you can get for free. Unlike other portals that offer stock images, PickMe works as an add-in within PowerPoint so you don’t have to leave the program, toggle between tabs, or open a new window or tab. You can do it all right within PowerPoint. Furthermore, this service is free. You don’t have to sign up or subscribe to anything, once you’re logged in to your Microsoft account on your computer and on PowerPoint, you’re good to go. The result is seamless work that makes you more productive and efficient.

PickMe Presentation Images for PowerPoint has a numerous collection of thoroughly curated, professional-looking and high-quality stock images that you can use for all kinds of presentations, whether personal or business in nature.

Pick Me

Install PickMe to Insert Images to PowerPoint

PickMe can be installed from Microsoft AppSource. Just search for the app and once you see PickMe, click on it and then click “Get It Now” to start installing the add-in.


Then, open PowerPoint and click on “Trush the Add-in” to continue the installation process.

Once installed to PowerPoint, you can now create professional-looking slides with amazing images. A “Find Images” option with the PickeMe icon will appear under the Insert tab on the Ribbon. Using the add-in, you can pick or use any image just by clicking Search. You can then look for and use all kinds of images, such as portraits with a transparent background, object images, icons, and so many more.


Access Thousands of Free, High-Quality Images

By adding PickMe to PowerPoint 2016 or PowerPoint through Office 365, you enable many useful features that make it easy for you to work productively and streamline your tasks in one place. After adding PickMe to PowerPoint, simply sign up to the add-in to create your PickMe account. You only have to sign in once and you can use PickMe anytime you use PowerPoint using any computer or device, as long as you’re logged in to your Office account.

Once you’re logged in, you can now have a PickMe search function right within PowerPoint so you can find the images you need online within the program. Then, with just a single click, you can add the image you want.

Select Image from Pick Me

These images can also be modified using PowerPoint’s own Picture formatting tools. The images include both pictures and clipart that you can search and insert via Pick Me.

Business Professional Stock Image

PickMe is a free service and you get up to 10 free images daily. This count is refreshed every day, so you can continue getting pictures for your presentations.

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