Photo Greeting Card Template For Word

Nothing says special than a personalized greeting card. However, for someone who has a lot of things to do, creating a personalized greeting card from scratch can be tedious. To help you get started, you can use the photo greeting card template for Word that we have below.


The Photo Greeting Card Template for Word is a free, versatile, and user-friendly greeting card template that you can use to spread the holiday cheer to your family and friends. This template can suit many occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and christenings. You can also use this if you want to say “thank you,” “congratulations” or if you just want to greet someone whatever the occasion or holiday is.

Spread Cheer and Good Vibes

This template features a vector illustrated image of a tree with green and white leaves on top of a hill peppered with flowers. Behind this tree is a rolling hill. Meanwhile, the background is a white and green gradient that adds a subtle texture to the greeting card.

Since this template is a photo greeting card template, you can see that it has a sample image on the right-hand side of the front page of the template. This has a light gray and white frame that sets itself apart from the rest of the elements in the front page.


Customize the Template for Any Occasion

Of course you can customize this by replacing the sample image with your own photos; whether it is your family picture or a season-themed image. There is also a “Thank You” sample text below the image, which you can also modify to suit your own greeting card message.


The inside page of the photo greeting card template contains the same theme, with rolling hills dotted with flowers. On the white background you can find sample text as well, which you can also change with your own personalized greetings. What’s great about the inside page is that there is enough space for you to write even long messages to make your greeting card even more heartfelt.

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