How To Make Any Year Calendar in Excel

Hiring the services of a third-party designer and printer can cost you a lot, especially if you are producing hundreds of calendars to give to your clients, customers, partners and suppliers. There has to be a far more economical way, right?

Free Any Year Calendar Template for Microsoft Excel

Using the calendar template below, we will show you how to make any year calendar in Excel. By using this template, you can shave off a lot from your budget for creating company giveaways for any occasion. This template is free to download and can be used and reused anytime, for any year.


Print-Ready Template with Option to Switch to Any Year

The Any Year Template for Excel features a predesigned set of cells that can be printed out or shared as an any year calendar. It has a header with a beautiful and elegant design that can be used by any company. Here you can type in your company name, complete address, phone, fax, and email. On the other side of the header is the year, which you can just change to any year by using the arrow keys beside the calendar, allowing the whole calendar to automatically and accurately update. Using these arrow keys, you can go back or forward to any year for your reference, and if you want to keep using this calendar template year after year.


The calendar has a white background with teal and black text, making it stand out clearly. This is also perfect if you want to print out this calendar and write notes on the dates. Just be sure to follow the instructions on the right-hand side of the calendar. It says that the calendar is print-ready and you only need to set your printer settings to High quality mode for graphics in order for the calendar to print correctly. These instructions, though, will not print on the calendar.


There is also a set of bordering swoosh lines at the bottom of the calendar, matching the header. Here, you can type your company tagline or message. To further customize the template, you can even insert your company logos and use your own company colors.

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