2016 Photo Calendar Template For Word

As the 2016 approaches, people scramble to plan for the coming year. This can be said for those who are planning for their studies, household, personal plans, and even companies as well. Planning ahead is really important, and in fact, people already are preparing their 2016 calendar. If you’re one of those who wants to get a head start for the year ahead, you would need a handy 2016 calendar.


Printable Calendar for 2016

The 2016 Photo Calendar Template for Word is a free template that features beautiful professional photos that will give you plenty of reasons to look forward to the year ahead. This photography-inspired calendar template features 12 print-ready pages, representing each calendar month. Each month has one professionally taken image with sample caption. The sample caption can then be edited so you can add motivational quotes or verses.

Furthermore, if you are fond of your own pictures, such as your vacation or family photos, you can also use change the pre-set images with your own. Simply delete the sample images one by one and insert your own images in the space provided.

As for the dates and days, they are already given and included in the right-hand side of each page for each month. You don’t have to worry about adjusting this to the year 2016 because it’s already provided for you.


Replace Default Photos with your Own

If you are a company who wants to give out 2016 calendars to customers and suppliers, you can also use this 2016 photo calendar template. Just change the images for your photos of your products, services, branches, locations, employees, and representatives. Then, you can include product or service descriptions on the caption to provide brand awareness.

This template can still be very versatile despite it being a photo calendar. This is because you still have a lot of personalization options, such as changing the theme, fonts, and even editing the pictures by adding various effects.


This photo calendar template can be added to your OneDrive so you can easily take it with you anywhere you go. This way, you can always whip it up as a reference calendar or modify and print it for personal or business use.

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