Pharmacy PowerPoint Template

If you are in the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry, you may often find yourself needing to create presentations. This may be for a project proposal, annual report, meeting agenda, or any other presentation purpose. Whatever your presentation will be about, you can be sure that you can create a presentation that has a cohesive theme that ties up to your field.


The Pharmacy PowerPoint Template is a medical-themed template that features a clean cornflower blue background with a darker blue accent running across one side of the slide, serving as a subtle frame. On the others side of the slide is an image of medicine bottles that were used in the earlier days of pharmacology. This theme is consistent throughout the rest of the slides to provide a cohesive look to your presentation.

This template also has a set of premade slides that allow you to present your content in different ways, from texts to tables to charts, and even infographics. You can even easily insert images and edit them as well. As for the tables and graphs, you can also edit them to suit your own preferences.


There are five sample slides that are in the template when you first open it. You can add more slides and choose from other slide layouts by clicking on New Slide. Here, you will populate a dialog box that contains other slide layouts specially designed with the pharmacy theme.


To further customize the template for your own presentation, you can even insert your own logo and slogan over each slide. You can also insert your own images and graphics, such as tables, charts, and diagrams. With these, you can still ensure that your visuals will look unified with your whole theme, using the same color schemes as the template.

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