Business Product Overview PowerPoint Template

If you are a company that has launched a newly developed product in the market, you would need to make the public know about what you have to offer them. You need to let them know about what your product is all about, what its features are, and how they can benefit from it. In order to successfully do this, you need to create a business product overview and this next template will help you do just that.


The Business Product Overview PowerPoint Template can help you effectively, and successfully, market your product to the public, and even to investors. This template is designed specifically for creating product overviews. It features a set of 7 premade slides that guides you to creating a well-organized product overview that gets your message across clearly and effectively.

Create Product Overview for Any Industry

The template has a professional, modern, yet classic-looking theme that can suit any product in any industry. The background is made up of a gradient light brown color with a honeycomb design in a faint translucent white overlay. Meanwhile, the matte gold accent color adds a pop of bright color in certainĀ areas in the slides.

The first slide is the Title Slide, which consists of an area where you can insert your logo and, below, is a place for your product photo. You can insert the product intro by just clicking on the placeholder and choosing a photo in your computer. Meanwhile, the Product Name and a short description can be typed on the other side of the slide, on the white overlay.


Create Compelling Product Overview in Minutes

The rest of the slides contain the same theme and background, only a bigger white overlay dominates each slide so you can clearly display your product information. Meanwhile, there is a brown bar on the upper right-hand corner to add an interesting touch to your display. You can even use this bar to write a header or slide number. Moreover, you can even insert your company logo or slogan.

This Business Product Overview template contains an Overview, Features and Benefits, Applications, Specifications, Pricing, and Availability. All of these help guide you to present your data concisely so that your audience, the potential customers and investors, can see the facts straight up.


Additionally, there are also tips on each slide to help you phrase your text, as well as more effectively describe your product.

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