How to Design a Network Topology in PowerPoint 2010 Using Shapes

Using Shapes in PowerPoint you can create awesome diagrams and graphics for your presentations. In this case we will show you how to design a simple physical network topology diagram in PowerPoint. This can be really helpful for a network course in computer engineering courses as well as other networking and connectivity presentations.

How to Design a Network Topology in PowerPoint 2010 Using Shapes

To design a network topology or any other topology we will base our knowledge in graphs theory. We already wrote about how to create graphs in PowerPoint 2010.

For a network topology we will use the same approaches. First, we start figuring what kind of topology we will need.

We can start designing a simple bus network topology by adding circle shapes to the slide.

Then you can insert a simple horizontal line and connect vertically the nodes with the bus.  Make the horizontal line wider than the vertical lines so it can be more realistic.

bus network topology powerpoint

Alternatively, you may opt for other kind of topology. For example, if you want to make a star topology you can use the same circles but connect the nodes with a central node.

star topology

Try repeating the same technique to draw other topologies like the mesh topology or the token ring topology.

Mesh Topology

mesh topology

Token Rink Topology

token ring topology

Now you can design your organization physical network and make nice presentations for the IT department using the techniques explained below. If you need more ideas about how to build your topology in PowerPoint 2010, you can check the results on Google Images to see other nice topology diagrams and get ideas for inspiration.

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