Open Multiple PowerPoint Files in Tabs with Tabs for PowerPoint

Tabbed applications can be immensely useful in increasing productivity. For example, ever since internet browsers introduced tabs it has become easier to browse through multiple websites in a single window, instead of opening different windows stacked on the taskbar. Tabs for PowerPoint is an add-in which makes it possible to open multiple PowerPoint files in a single window, in different tabs.

Like most PowerPoint add-ins, Tabs For PowerPoint installs like a Windows application and immediately becomes functional. The below screenshot shows a single PowerPoint window displaying multiple files in separate tabs.

Tabs For PowerPoint

Tabs for PowerPoint Compatibility

During installation the user is asked to select the PowerPoint version installed on PC. This add-in is compatible with PowerPoint 2003 and later version, including the most recent PowerPoint. This also means that you can benefit from a tabbed interface whether you area Windows XP, Vista Windows 7 or Windows 8 user.

Install Tabs For powerPoint

Advanced Customization Options To Enhance Productivity

Tabs For PowerPoint provides many advanced customization features to increase user productivity. To access these settings click on the tabs For PowerPoint icon from your desktop and configure settings as per your requirements.

General & Positions: From this section you can configure the following settings:

  • Enable or disable double and middle-mouse click to close tabs,
  • Enable or disable warning for closing tabs,
  • Enable or disable drag and drop functionality
  • Enable or disable multi-window mode
  • Set application shortcuts
  • Set the position of tabs in PowerPoint

General And Position Settings

Style & Color: From this section you can:

  • Select a tab style
  • Preview your selected tab style
  • Select tab layout (Auto Size, Fixed or Compressions)
  • Set Tab Width
  • Set Custom Font for tabs
  • Set Custom Size for tabs
  • Set tab colors
  • Preview tab colors

Style And Color Settings

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