Google Unveils New Google Plus Cover Image for the Profile Page – Create a Cover Image with PowerPoint

Recently Google introduced a new change in the Google Plus profile in addition to the vanity URLs.

New Google Plus Cover Image Aspect Ratio

Despite all the changes they made this year to the Google+ profile and the cover image aspect ratio and size, the new interface looks much better than the previous one (which was taking up too much unnecessary space of the browser screen.

So, now it is time (again) to adjust your cover image to the profile. You can do this in your favorite editing software tool like Adobe Photoshop or just upload a new photo using the widescreen format 16:9 aspect ratio that is now available in almost all new cameras and smartphones, coincidentally. The minimum size for the cover image is 480 x 270 px but you can use any larger picture.

Use PowerPoint to create a Cover Image for your Google Plus Profile

If you are not very familiar with software editing products and you have PowerPoint installed in your computer then you can create a cover design for your Google Plus profile as a presentation. Yes, you can use the popular Microsoft PowerPoint to create a cover slide and then export the slide to a JPG or PNG image.

In order to setup the slide for this cover size you will need to change the Page Setup options and change the layout to 16:9 in PowerPoint 2010. If you have PowerPoint 2013 then by default you will have this size available in the new blank presentation. You can use this aspect ratio calculator to check the aspect ratio based on the width and height.

Then you can save the presentation file as JPG and once the files are exported to the hard drive you can go to Google Plus and change the cover image. Upload the new image and then adjust it if needed.

New Google Plus Cover Image Aspect Ratio and PowerPoint

Now you can start using your new cover image in Google Plus.

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