Task List Maker Template For Excel

When you are managing a project, whether for your school, company or organization, it is important to create a list of tasks that you need to accomplish as you progress in your project. This will ensure that you have covered every base of your project and that you are on target with your project goals.


Making a list of your tasks will also allow you to assign each task to team members, schedule deadlines, and keep track of each task’s progress. The Task List Maker Template for Excel is a wonderful template that will help you create a list of tasks for your project or your daily to-do list.

With this task list maker template you can list the tasks you need according to the date, and any additional notes and instructions you may have.

And because this template is in Excel Online, you can easily access it any time and anywhere. You can also share it with your team, making it perfect for collaboration, even with team members scattered geographically or on-the-go.


It can be easily shareable and other people can view, edit, save, and even print it as you progress through your project.

For personal use, you can also easily access it through your smartphones, tablets or PC so you can easily tick off the tasks that you have completed or update the list with new tasks. You can use this list maker on a daily basis, or even for weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly tasks or milestones.


To further customize this template, you can change the minor details such as color scheme and fonts. Afterwards, you can also include this in presentations or reports, especially when it involves project management, project proposals, business proposals, and many the like.

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