General Ledger Template For Excel

In business, particularly in accounting, a ledger is important in keeping financial transactions classified and well-documented. A ledger shows detailed financial information regarding debtors, creditors, assets, incomes, and expenses.

A well-kept and well-updated general ledger is important and the Microsoft portal offers many forms of ledger and other accounting templates for business and household or personal use. One of the many free Excel templates is the General Ledger Template for Excel.


The General Ledger Template for Excel lets you organize your transactions and payable accounts. This Template works best in Excel 2013 and is still compatible with older versions. This ledger template contains four workbooks: Year-to-Date (YTD) Summary, Monthly Expenses, General Ledger Expense Data, and General Ledger List.


The YTD Summary contains the overview of your general ledger data. It contains six columns: G/L Expense, Account Title, Actual Budget, Budget $, and Budget %. The template has built-in formula allowing you to automatically compute for totals, ensuring consistent accuracy on your computations. You can easily add another row to add more data, and choose from the drop-down lists to complete the table.

The Monthly Expenses tab shows a timeline and the list of expenses for the month. The General Expenses tab, on the other hand, is where you enter data which is automatically displayed on the first two tabs. Here, you can type in your Account Title, Invoice Date, Month, Invoice Number, Requested By, Amount of Check, Name of Payee, Check Use, Method of Distribution, and File Date. This helps you organize your expenses and be on top of your payments, whether by Check, Credit or Cash. 


The GL List tab is the last tab of the General Ledger Template. Here you can list your accounts and your budgets for each account. Then these are automatically updated on the rest of the worksheets.

This professionally designed template is free to use and easy to update, as well as printer-friendly. The data can also be embedded or exported into PowerPoint presentations if you are to create a financial report.

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