You can use gesture to control your PowerPoint presentations with awesome tools and gadgets like the advanced MYO device as well as Microsoft XBox with Kinect and other presentation software. Learn how to control PowerPoint presentations with gestures and remote controls so you can take your hands free.

Control Presentations, Videos And Music With Gestures Using Flutter

Using hand gestures to control applications is a fun way to control your digital life. Flutter is an application for Windows and Mac which can be used to control videos, music and presentations using hand gestures before your webcam.

MYO: Unleash Your Inner Jedi To Control PowerPoint With Hand Gestures

You might have heard of the motion controlled remotes for various devices like the Nintendo Wiimote and the motion sensing input device for Xbox 360 known as Xbox Kinect. But what about controlling your PowerPoint presentations the same way by using hand gestures? MYO is a new gadget which lets you interact and wirelessly gesture control …

Improving Communication Skills

If you are facing rejections in interviews or having fear of public speaking or giving speeches then you must work to improve your communication skills. Yes, this is the major barrier in the way to success. Sometimes, people get trapped into a situation where they fail to explain their point to others, even if they …

Kinect PowerPoint Control for better presentations

Kinect and PowerPoint can be connected together to make awesome PowerPoint presentations. Definitely the future of PowerPoint presentations will include some gesture recognition capabilities as well as other voice recognition and techniques. Kinect PowerPoint Control is a project open source that you can download to see how Kinect SDK can do basic gesture recognition to …