Make Learning Fun For Children With Wonder Workshop’s Interactive Robots

Back in the day, when I was a kid we had some speaking toys and arcade video games which were the closest thing there was to interactive technology for children. Of course, a lot changed as home computers became more common and Internet became a compulsory part of our lives. Now, the possibilities of having fun with interactive devices is quite endless. Moreover, you can now blur the lines between fun and learning for your children to help them develop essential skills using interactive technology. In other words, you can trick them to learn without announcing it’s study time.

Interactive Robots & Apps that Make Children’s Education More Fun

Wonder Workshop is one of those innovative robotics startups that started a few years back. The company was able to come up with two robots a year after inception in 2013, using a crowdfunding campaign. The robots were named Bo and Yana; later renamed as Dash and Dot. These two robots are interactive and your children can communicate with them using mobile devices like tablets by using various learning apps. This can enable children at home and school to learn while having fun with their new robot buddies.

Wonder workshop robots for kids

How do the Dash & Dot Interactive Robots Work?

Dash & Dot are two robots which come with problem-solving ability and fun apps that help kids learn new things, while enjoying their interaction with friendly robot buddies. The apps are compatible with iPad, iPhone and a variety of Android devices, such as Nexus and Galaxy smartphones and Amazon’s Fire tablets.

Here is how you can start using your Dash 7 Dot robots:

Step 1: Once you have received your robot(s), download the Wonder App for your smartphone or tablet.

How Dash and Dot robots work

Step 2: Place your robot(s) on the ground and make sure they are turned on. Now, enable Bluetooth on your smart device and follow the instructions via the Wonder app.

Turn on robots

Step 3: Start playing with the Wonder Workshop Robots using supported apps and accessories.

Start playing with wonder robot

Dash & Dot Robots Learn & Grow with your Children

Dash & Dot are two robots with various accessories and apps that your kids can work with. With accessories like bricks connectors, Xylophone, bulldozer bar, bunny ears and the like; your children are only limited by their imagination.

Dot: Your kids can programmed Dash & Dot to do fun things and enable them to retain the data for future use. Dot for instance can be programmed to be anything from a magic dot ball to a hot potato for fun kid’s activities.

Dot robot

Dash: If you want more from a robot, i.e. the ability to dance around the floor or record your child’s message for a surprise message for parents or friends, Dash is what you need.

Dash robot

Wonder Workshop Robots: Introductory Video

Here is a bit about Dash & Dot and how they can unlock your child’s imagination.

Together, Dash & Dot can be great sidekicks for your kids, tapping into their curious minds and making learning fun for them. These robots can even be used in schools by teachers for children as old as 8 or above to make learning fun.

You can order these robots and find out all about their features and compatibility from the links below.

Go to Wonder Workshop Robots

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