LivePlan: Create Professional Business Plans Using Hundreds Of Samples

Many people when making professional business plans find it hard to understand the various steps that should be followed. Moreover, each type of business plan might require certain types of important data. For instance, a business plan for an IT project will be different from a plan made for a construction project. This makes business planning quite confusing, especially for small business owners.

Create Business Plans Using the Most Suitable Samples

Many a times business plans are made by people who don’t have knowledge of accounting, or a degree in business management.

This is especially the case for small and medium size business owners who can’t afford to employ specialists for the job or might find it too costly to hire one each time there is a need for making a business plan, let alone working on a good business pitch. This is where LivePlan can help you get things done effectively, using suitable sample business plans.


LivePlan is the name of a web service by Palo Alto Software, which simplifies creating a business plan and tracking progress, funding and performance associated with your project, with the utility of using more than 500 samples, bringing features of the Pro version of BPlans to the mix.

Using the wide range of business plan software provided in your Dashboard, you can create anything from a 1 page business plan, consulting business plan to a comprehensive business plan with detailed information. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about your business plan format, as the LivePlan Dashboard takes care of everything and is the only business planner you need.

You can get an overview of what LivePlan is and how it can help you make awesome online business plan via the video given below.

Make Business Plans Using a Simple Step by Step Wizard

The LivePlan Dashboard provides instructions and examples, which serves as a good guideline to get started. You can get started using a step by step wizard which enables you to create a plan starting with your company information, products and services offered and so on, with the aid of a complete example of a business plan.

Create business plans with LivePlan

The LivePlan Dashboard simplifies various tasks associated with making a plan by allowing you to edit readymade templates. You can pick a template from the hundreds of templates available at the LivePlan website, which includes plans made for different kinds of industries, providing you with the flexibility to find one that best suits your needs. From there onwards, you can use the editing options to edit the pan, complete with a table of contents, executive summary and other pre-requisites that can help you construct your plan in a systematic manner.

LivePlan editing options

Online Collaboration and Sharing Options

The business plans made using LivePlan can also entail online collaboration, which makes it possible for multiple users to work on the same plan and to share your plans with relevant people online. You can add users and grant them privileges to access the plan, either as a Guest or Contributor. Hence, you can invite people to participate on the business plan or to view it as a Guest.

Create business plans with online collaboration

Add Financial Information for Your Business

LivePlan also enables recording your financial information to track your budget, create financial documents using a simple wizard, which means that you can create profit and loss statements, sales forecasts, balance sheets, etc. What’s great about the LivePlan financial planning features is that you can make your financial plans with having extensive accounting knowledge, using simple step by step wizards.

Create financial forecasts

How to Make a Business Plan Using LivePlan (Video Tutorial)

You can find out more about making a business plan using LivePlan via the developer’s video tutorial given below.

You can opt for either an annual or monthly package for using LivePlan. If you would like a 50% discount for the first month on LivePlan, make sure you sign up using the exclusive discount link given below.

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