Animated Icon Tree Infographic Template For PowerPoint

Infographics and tree diagrams can help represent information according to a set structure. We have previously provided tutorials regarding how to make tree diagrams and have also covered a number of infographic templates for PowerPoint and Keynote. However, you can combine the utility of making tree diagrams and infographics using a single presentation template.

Create Infographics and Tree Diagrams Using Icons and Shapes

The Animated Icon Tree Infographic Template for PowerPoint  provides a wide range of handy slide layouts with eye-catching content to help you get your message across to your audience in a more effective manner.

Animated icon tree PowerPoint template

Editable Infographic Layouts with Animations

The PowerPoint template provides layouts that can be adjusted by changing the color size and shape of objects and the overall slide layout to help you create customized infographic slides. You can reflect trends and statistics in the form of charts, picture diagrams, icon maps, etc.

Customizable infographics

The below screenshot shows an icon slide which can be customized to generate an infographic. You can also copy the given icons and reuse them across other slides to create infographics from scratch. Furthermore, you can also add your own icons and images to create an infographic slide or  a tree diagram.

Infographic icons

Similarly, the chart slide shown below can be used to present trends using a bar chart and icons. To change the trends anytime, drag the bars to increase or reduce their size. You can also replace the sample icons with your own.

Bar chart with icons

Customizable Slide Designs

You can change the color of the sample slides via the Design tab in PowerPoint to reflect your company’s colors or to match your slides with your logo. This gives you the flexibility of changing the given colors and icons as per your requirement. Needless to say, you can also change the colors of the sample icons.

Customizable infographic icons and slides

Like most Presenter Media templates this template is available for PowerPoint for Mac and Windows, as well as Keynote 09, which works with iPad and Mac.

Go to Presenter Media – Icon Tree Infographic Template for PowerPoint (Standard Version)

Go to Presenter Media – Icon Tree Infographic Template for PowerPoint (Widescreen Version)

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