Jigsaw Slides PowerPoint Template

Last updated on August 25th, 2023

Sometimes, your presentation is the only thing that your audience needs to complete their vision. Your idea is like that one thing that they need to be enlightened. It’s like your presentation is a piece of a puzzle that they need to complete the picture. And if this is how you really want to portray yourself or your presentation, then you definitely need a theme that goes with this concept.


Don’t Be Puzzled Anymore

The Jigsaw Slides PowerPoint Template is a professional-looking template with a background which depicts jigsaw puzzle pieces floating over a blue background. With the jigsaw pieces arranged in a haphazard manner at the edges serve as a subtle border that frames your content throughout each slide.

This free Jigsaw Slides PowerPoint Template has a blue background with some vignette effect. The jigsaw pieces are also in the same shade of blue, but with a slight bevel effect, so it looks like the pieces are floating on one side of the slide.


The Missing Piece of Your Presentation

The only sample slide in the template is a title slide, but you can add more slides by going to the Home menu, where you can click on New Slide to add more slides. By clicking on New Slide you can populate a set of slide layouts. This way, you can present your data in different ways and in a concise manner while still maintaining the same jigsaw theme across your presentation deck.


If blue is not your favorite color, you can change it by editing the background. To further customize this template, you can also add your company’s logo and slogan at the bottom of the slide, which is a good branding strategy as well.

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