How to Create a Jigsaw Puzzle Piece in PowerPoint with Shapes

Last updated on August 25th, 2023

Here we will show you how to create a very basic jigsaw puzzle piece in PowerPoint using shapes.

This method will let you create a basic puzzle piece, but for complex pieces or diagrams using puzzle you can consider using vectors and another editing program like Photoshop or Illustrator. There are also some addins for Office that let you add rich jigsaw puzzles and games in PowerPoint with your own images. This example do not include an image, just a plain background color on each piece. You can use shapes to draw a puzzle piece for presentations.

First, open PowerPoint as usual and then draw a rectangle shape.

Now you can add a secondary shape above the rectangle and fill it with a white color and no border. Change the fill color to solid fill and use white as background (or the background color of your slide). Then change the line color to No line.

Now you can select both shapes (keep shift key pressed while selecting the shapes) and then click on Group and then Group.

And you got it. There is a small puzzle piece ready to be used or moved along your slide.

You can repeat the steps and add a new circle shape to simulate the male portion of the piece. This way you can complete each side of the piece.

We have learned how to create a simple piece using PowerPoint and shapes. Next time we will show you how to design a complete puzzle using PowerPoint and pieces like this one. In the meantime you can download free puzzle PowerPoint template and designs for your presentations.

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