Human Resources ROI PowerPoint Template

Unknown to the average Joe, the human resource industry is known in the business world as a “soft industry” because it can’t always provide quantifiable results, financial data or direct revenue. Human Resources efforts in every organization are usually geared toward recruitment, improving employee morale, and compensation, which do not usually translate to increased revenue. Thus, calculating Return on Investment (ROI) allows HR professionals to show and prove their worth in an organization. 

Professionally Designed Return on Investment of the Recruiting Process Presentation

Human Resources ROI Made Easy

Calculating the ROI of Human Resource activities gives the profession improved credibility. It also allows upper management to identify specific points and measures where HR benefits the company. Human Resource professionals thus need to find ways to effectively measure and present information on how beneficial they are in the company in terms of quantifiable data. The Microsoft Office portal has an array of Human Resource templates for Excel, Word and PowerPoint. One of these is the Human Resource ROI PowerPoint Template.

Impressive and Useful SmartArt and Graphics

The Human Resource ROI PowerPoint Template can help recruiters to present organized information to company management about the ROI of their recruitment program. This Human Resource PowerPoint Template can help you demonstrate the value of your recruitment program to decision-makers in your company or organization.

This PowerPoint Template for Human Resource ROI contains 15 slides that feature uniform design and cohesive theme. It comes with a professionally designed blue title page with a theme that echoes throughout the rest of the slides.

Present Organized Quantitative Data

This Human Resource ROI PowerPoint Template is not only professionally designed but also professionally written. This allows you to present data in a systematic way that would effectively convince your company’s decision-makers of your department’s value to the organization.

Clean Layout Extensive Content and Cohesive Outline

It contains slides for the Agenda, Overview, Benefits of Effective Recruiting, Recruiting Process Overview, Recruiting Process Bottlenecks, Stigmas of HR Technology, Executive-Level Messaging, Key Metrics, and Best Practices. Each Slide Header contains information or tips on what content you should write within that slide so it would be easier for you to pinpoint the information you should clearly present. In addition, certain slides allow you to present data through a diagram using SmartArt so your audience can clearly see your point without making your presentation text-heavy and boring.

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