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Animated Blocks PowerPoint Template

Building blocks are a good method for teaching children new words and concepts, interestingly, the same can be done with your audience with the help of the Block Tower Toolkit. This is a PowerPoint Template which provides a set of building block animations to help you reveal your slides with the help of your 3D …

Animated Champagne PowerPoint Template With Bubbles

Animated and Celebration-Themed PowerPoint Template

Champagne Bubbles Celebration is an animated template that shows different sized golden and shiny champagne bubbles floating across the slide. This slide is available for PowerPoint for Mac and PC and can be used for presentations relating to celebrations, occasions, victories, parties, milestones and such.

Human Resources ROI PowerPoint Template

Impressive and Useful SmartArt and Graphics

Unknown to the average Joe, the human resource industry is known in the business world as a “soft industry” because it can’t always provide quantifiable results, financial data or direct revenue. Human Resources efforts in every organization are usually geared toward recruitment, improving employee morale, and compensation, which do not usually translate to increased revenue. …

Free Ideas Template For PowerPoint With Light Bulb


Brainstorming is one of the most useful conceptualization techniques to help you with an idea for a project, a solution, a product or service, or a strategy, among many others. Through brainstorming, an individual or a group of people list down thoughts and ideas to come up with a main idea or a solution to …

4 Simple & Eye-popping PowerPoint Templates to Impress your Co-workers

Sometimes it become hard to find good PowerPoint templates to impress your bosses and clients. And more difficult is to find free PPT templates so you don’t need to pay for premium services. In this article we will introduce you free Eye-popping PowerPoint Templates that you can use to impress your co-workers with simple but …