How to Use Arabic Fonts in PowerPoint Presentations

There are many different ways to use arabic fonts in PowerPoint but the easiest way is to install and use arabic fonts in Windows and then open PowerPoint and choose the arabic font. You may be interested to use the arabic font for future presentations and in this case you can configure a PowerPoint template or arabic PowerPoint template where the slides and placeholders use the arabic font.

How to Use Arabic Fonts in PowerPoint Presentations

How to Use Arabic Fonts in PowerPoint Presentations

  1. Download and unzip it. Naskh is a good arabic font for this purpose.
  2. Then, right click and install it in Windows.
  3. Now you can open PowerPoint and chosoe the arabic font in the font chooser.

arabic powerpoint font

Alternatively you can consider to write or switch to different languages as you type. Microsoft Office has a good tutorial explaining how to do this in the knowledge base help. In this case you can use two methods, the Set Language method and the Language Bar method, to switching between different languages when typing in 2007 Microsoft Office. The method that you choose is based on the different languages that you use and your personal preference.

Inserting Arabic symbols and using Arabic fonts or typography can help you to make Arabic PowerPoint presentations or Arabic PowerPoint templates.

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