How to Use Figurative Language in PowerPoint Presentations

In PowerPoint presentations, Figurative Language serves as a great tool to show something an audience rather than telling them. By using figures of speech that are quite different from each other, this language describes subjects with full detail and helps the listener in imagining the scenario.

Figurative Language in PowerPoint presentations

In order to help your audience with basic concepts and ideas, Figurative Language in PowerPoint Presentations elaborates the message and describe your ideas in a most effective way.

How to Construct a Figurative Language PowerPoint

There are some points that will help you in making a PowerPoint Presentation with the use of Figurative Language. Take a look:

Title of your Presentation

Along with the date and name of your presentation, make an introduction slide as Figurative Language and explain how it’s personal and subjective. Try to define your subject and make it more interesting for your readers. If you are able to do that, you are on a right track.

Figurative Language Techniques

In your next slide, list diverse Figurative Language techniques that give an indication of common figures of speech including idiom, personification, metaphor, hyperbole and alliteration. An image write on the upper right of your slide helps in grabbing the attention of listeners as well. Thus, by using these methods, your listeners likely to comprehend with your ideas.


At the end, design the slides specifically to communicate with your audience and summarize the different figures of speech that you have discussed earlier. Remind your audience whatever you have presented so far. Certainly, it will allow your listeners to take something home.

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When you are about to deliver a PowerPoint presentation, try to be artistic instead of literal as using your imagination will make you stand out of the crowd. Not just this, if you want to capture the audience attention, use phrases or words that they don’t expect.

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