How to Print Speaker Notes on the Left Side

If you need to print handouts with your slide notes then you may want to re-arrange where the speaker notes are placed inside the handout template. You can control where to display the speaker notes in handouts by editing the Handout Master template.

Speaker Notes templates

As you can see in the image (this is the same building picture we have used in PicMonkey article), we have placed the slide image on the right side while the left side will display the speaker notes. Let’s see how to change the default speaker notes or handouts template.

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First, go to View menu and click on Notes Mater.

left speaker notes

Here we can rearrange the shapes for speaker notes and thumbnail slide image. As you can see in the PowerPoint slide template below, we have placed the slide content at the right while the left side contains the speaker notes. Notice we are under Handouts Master template and not in the slide template. This is very important because here we are changing the PowerPoint handouts template.

handouts master template

Once you are ready, close Mater View section by clicking the red button and you are done. Now you can print speaker notes on the left side. If you want, now it is ready to print the handouts in PowerPoint or convert it to PDF handouts.