Animated Bright Insight Template for PowerPoint

Presenters looking for an educational or office themed presentation template might find subtle animations and some basic slide elements to be adequate to get the job done. Animated Bright Insight Template for PowerPoint brings together education and office themed layouts in a single template.

Office and Education Related Layouts

There are replaceable images in the template which provide symbolic images that can be used for making office and education themed slides. The title slide shows hands typing on a keyboard, a watch, mouse and smartphone laid out on a desk. You can also replace these images and add a title and subtitle to customize the slide.

Animated Bright Insight Template for PowerPoint

The following slides provide layouts with images of sticky notes, ballpen, a globe, as well as icons and images which can be helpful for various presentation topics.

Bright Insight

Adjustable Slide Layouts and Template Design

The image below shows a slide which can be suitably used for making educational presentation slides related to science. You can introduce similar images and duplicate the slide to create slides that suit your specific topic. The overall template design can be easily edited to suit a wide range of presentation topics; even topics not related to office or education.

Office Template

You can create a step by step guide, show a process or discuss various parts of a subtopic using the sample slides in this template. Furthermore, you can expand or reduce slide content by selecting individual objects of the slide.

Step by Step Educational Guide

For a detailed comparison, you can use the slide shown below. This can be used for drawing a detailed comparison using icons and some text. Alternatively, you can also create infographics and diagrams by rearranging the icons and customizing the slide. You can even replace the given icons with your own icons, clipart and images to redesign the sample slide.

Comparison of Items

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